Bed bugs are considered a common type of household pest in the UK. They tend to thrive in the warmer months between spring and mid-autumn. If you have bed bugs, one of the first signs you may notice is bites. The trouble with bed bug bites is that they look similar to other bites. This guide will look at common signs of bed bug infestations that may not actually be what they seem.

Bed bugs are relatively common, so it’s natural to assume that these unwanted visitors could be the cause of bites and itchiness. Sometimes, signs point to a bed bug infestation, but often, there are other causes. Here are some signs that you may be dealing with a different type of intruder.

Bites around the ankles

Bed bugs bite body parts such as hands, arms, face and neck when you expose them during the night. Flea bites tend to be small and very itchy. If you only have bites on your ankles, this may signal that something else is biting you. Fleas likely cause your bites if you have pets at home, for example, cats or dogs

General itchiness

Suppose you feel itchy all over or get bouts of intense itchiness. In that case, you may find that your skin is irritated due to changing your washing powder or detergent, using different cleaning products or trying new cosmetics or skincare products. Bed bug bites tend to cause localised itchiness around the bite site. If you have itchy skin, it’s a good idea to keep a diary to identify the trigger.

Bites that are spread out or on parts of the body that don’t touch the bed

If you have bites spread out over your body, or you’ve noticed bites on parts of your body that don’t come into contact with your bed, this is a sign that another type of pest may cause the bites. Clusters of small bites can often be caused by fleas, while mosquitoes may cause larger bites.

Bites on the lower body only

If your skin feels itchy and you notice bites on your lower body, this may indicate that you have fleas in your home. Fleas tend to live in carpets and rugs, which targets the lower body. It is more common to have bed bug bites on the upper body.


Bed bugs are common in the UK, but they are not the only unwanted visitors that can bite and irritate the skin. Bed bug bites are commonly confused with other bites, such as flea bites. If you are worried that bed bugs might infest your home, call your local pest control company and request an inspection.