Steam and Spray Treatment

For a complete bed bug extermination we combine the effectiveness of high temperature steam and chemical spray treatment.

First we use a specialised steam machine to apply the steam to infested areas such as cracks, crevices, and furniture. Then we apply a chemical insecticide that kills bed bugs directly and disrupts their ability to feed and lay eggs.

Benefits of Using Bed Bug Steam Treatment

As bed bug eggs are resistant to chemicals, applying the insecticides multiple times within a couple of weeks is necessary. When killing bed bugs with steam, there’s no need for more than one treatment. As an alternative to the heat treatment method, it’s suitable for all kinds of domestic or commercial spaces. We use a super-heated dry steam that reaches a temperature of 180°C to perform the bed bug steam treatment service. Thanks to the deep heat penetration through fabrics and cracks, the dry steam flow reaches even the spots that otherwise are impossible to reach.

The heat from the concentrated stream of steam vapours kills bugs within seconds. It can also reach areas where other methods cannot, such as the crevices of furniture.
Along with killing bed bugs, a steam treatment can help eradicate a wide range of pests. It is effective for eliminating almost all insects during any stage of life. Steam may also kill bacteria and viruses on certain surfaces. It is most effective against bed bugs when combined with a chemical spray treatment.

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Steam and Spray

  • Guarantee Terms depend on the level of infestation
  • £200 – 1 bedroom
  • £240 – 2 bedrooms
  • £280 – 3 bedrooms
  • 4+ bedrooms – quote upon inspection

Heat Treatment

  • 3 months full guarantee (entire property treatments only)
  • £500 – 1 bedroom
  • £950 – 2 bedrooms
  • £1200 – 3 bedrooms
  • 4+ bedrooms – quote upon inspection

How Effective is the Spray Treatment?

Bed bug spray treatment is the most common bed bug removal method. It includes using an insecticide spray, or a commercial spray applied all around the infected area. The spray treatment is often cheaper but less effective than heat treatment. It’s easier to conduct, yet it requires multiple pest control visits. This is why we combine it with a highly effective 180 degrees Celsius steam.

It’s important to emphasise that some companies in London still use commercial sprays, which have proven inefficient throughout the years. They can cause migration of the infestation, and as a result, the whole property can become infested.

We use professional insecticides which are carefully developed for human-inhabited spaces. The spray treatment for bed bugs which we offer is efficient and low-toxic. Unlike heat treatment, though, spray treatment doesn’t provide immediate results. The insecticides poison the bed bugs, often leading to increased activity within the bed bugs group. There’s a possibility that the insects bite more often or lay eggs before they die.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now and discuss all the steam and spray services we offer.

Guarantee Terms (Treatment on the entire property only)

We offer a 30% discount on the price for every subsequent treatment and three months full guarantee after three full Steam and Spray treatments. In nearly 80% of our cases, one treatment was absolutely sufficient.