Bed Bug Spray Treatment

Bed bug spray treatment is the most common bed bug removal method. It includes the use of an insecticide spray or a commercial spray which are being applied all around the infected area.

The spray treatment is often cheaper, but less effective than heat treatment. It’s easier to conduct, yet it requires multiple pest control visits.

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Is spray treatment really effective?

There are various types of bed bug spray services which are available in London. Unfortunately, not all of them are up to the industry’s standards. This gives the spray treatment for bed bugs a bad name.

It’s important to emphasize the fact that some companies still use commercial sprays, which has proven themselves throughout the years as inefficient. Something more: they can cause migration of the infestation, and as a result, the whole property can become infested.

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The effective bed bug spray extermination

We use professional insecticides which are carefully developed for human-inhabited spaces. The spray treatment for bed bugs which we offer is efficient and low-toxic. This makes us the go-to bed bug spray company in London.

Unlike the heat treatment though, spray treatment doesn’t provide with an immediate effect. The insecticides poison the bed bugs, which often leads to increased activity within the bed bugs group. There’s a possibility that the insects bite more often or lay eggs before they die.

That’s why it’s crucial to apply thoroughly planned follow-up treatments. This is the only way to ensure that the insects of all life stages are successfully poisoned and gone for good.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now and discuss all the spray services for bed bugs we offer. After inspecting the infected area, our bed bug experts will be able to apply the necessary spray treatment as well as to monitor the results.


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