Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bug heat extermination techniques allow us to apply the steam with no damage to any fabrics and surfaces. At the same time, there’s almost no risk of a subsequent damp or mould problem.

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Heat treatment for bed bugs: Effectiveness which can be guaranteed

As bed bug eggs are resistant to chemicals, it’s necessary to apply the insecticides multiple times within a couple of weeks. When killing bed bugs with heat, there’s no need for more than one treatment. On the contrary, the heat pest control exterminates bed bugs in all life stages, including eggs and nymphs.

Professional heat treatment for bed bugs

Why do we use heat to kill bed bugs? As this is a non-toxic method, it’s suitable for all kinds of domestic or commercial spaces. There’s no need to seal the area after using the bed bug heat treatment.

The bed bug heat extermination uses super-heated dry steam which reaches a temperature of 180°C. Such heat causes a thermal shock to bed bugs in all life stages within seconds.

Thanks to the deep heat penetration through fabrics and cracks, the dry steam flow reaches even the spots which otherwise are impossible to reach.

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Home treatment for bed bugs

The thermal bed bug treatment is especially suitable for infected homes. As it’s zero-toxic, the presence of people and pets in the area is possible. Furthermore, unlike pesticides, steam is safe for application on furniture, like mattresses, and beds.

It’s important to note that using heat to kill bed bugs might damage electrical appliances. As there’s a huge chance that such objects are infected, we highly recommend discussing the situation with one of our bed bug technicians. Depending on the particular case, they’ll find to handle the issue in a safe manner.

How much does the treatment cost?

The treatment is an extremely effective, but also difficult method. This determines its higher price in comparison with other treatments available in London.

The treatment cost depends on the size of the area as well as its specifics like cracks, a lot of furniture, etc. Contact us now to discuss more details and get a tailor-made offer!