Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We provide a certified full-cycle and all-inclusive service, including
inspection and on-site treatment.

  • Expert pest prevention guidance and support
  • Convenient and user-friendly service scheduling
  • 100% child and pet-friendly procedure with no strong chemicals
  • Full heat processing executed by accredited pest control professionals

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London with 100% Guarantee

Bed bugs have become more resistant to traditional chemical pesticides, requiring multiple applications while only sometimes effectively eradicating them. When it comes to getting rid of bed bug infestations, personal attempts at thorough disinfection, including vacuuming, cleaning of flooring and furniture, and even professional deep cleaning, are not effective ways to deal with these pests.

Heat treatment is the fastest and most effective solution for removing bed bug infestations, as the pest cannot survive high heat. Our heat treatment can exterminate the bugs hiding in the most difficult places that traditional chemical treatments can’t reach.

Our Certifications

How the Bed Bugs Control Service Works


Thorough inspection provided by well-trained professionals is guaranteed. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect every single corner in your property, assess the infestation, prepare an action plan, and choose the best method of approach.


We use only the best products on the market, and we never compromise quality. Our application methods are proven to be effective and safe as you can safely return to your property within a few hours after treatment. Whenever we use Heat or Spray, our technicians will make sure that not a single spot will be left untreated.


At high levels of bed bug infestation, monitoring is crucial to the success of treatment. We can always provide an additional visit by request to assess the results of the treatment. We know from our experience that there is nothing better than a bed bug free home!


Our technicians will provide you with some preventative tips on how to protect your home, luggage, and personal belongings of being infested by bed bugs, whenever you travel or having guests from abroad. Preventing a problem is always a better option than having to solve it!

What is Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment for bed bugs is a non-toxic method of extermination that uses high temperatures to kill bed bugs throughout all their life cycle stages. This treatment involves heating rooms to a temperature which is lethal to bed bugs while still safe for your home and inhabitants, including pets and possessions and is one of the most reliable methods of extermination. Unlike chemical pesticides, the heat treatment method usually doesn’t require follow-up visits and is 100% efficient.

This method leaves behind no harmful residue, ensuring its efficacy as a safe and environmentally-friendly option. Our bed bug heat treatment in London is a fast and reliable solution, taking mere hours to heat designated areas and allowing immediate return to your home or office space once cooled.

How Do We Perform the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service?

Our technicians use specialised electric heaters to raise the temperature of each room to 56 degrees Celsius. The heat is lethal to bed bugs in all stages of development while it is safe for people, pets and possessions. We use sensors to monitor temperatures and ensure even heating throughout your property. Unlike other methods, the heat treatment allows us to penetrate every crevice, nook, and crack. Normal temperature fluctuations of the average domicile provide the bed bugs with a cooler hiding place to escape the heat. Our heat treatment service in London maintains the necessary temperature throughout the house and distributes heat to all parts of each room, ensuring bed bug eradication once and for all.

How To Prepare For The Heat Treatment?

Our heat treatment quickly kills bed bugs, but there are a few necessary steps that you must take to increase the chances of a safe and successful treatment:

  • Strip all beds and clear beds’ storage areas.
  • Declutter the targeted rooms by clearing garments, electronics, papers, boxes, etc.
  • Remove non-heat resistant belongings such as cosmetics, plants, etc.
  • Remove any flammable or explosive products from the infested rooms. For example, aerosol cans and batteries should be removed before we start our heat treatment.

While the heat is non-toxic and safe, we require that you and your pets leave your residence or business during treatment and return after the temperature has stabilised to a safe and comfortable level.

How Much Does the Heat Treatment Cost?

The cost of bed bug heat treatment depends on several factors, including the size of your home, as well as the severity of the infestation. For example, the price of heat treatment for a small apartment is lower than that of a large home with multiple bedrooms or a business.

Fortunately, heat treatments typically require just one visit to eliminate bed bug infestations, whereas pesticides may require numerous visits spanning weeks or even months. Heat treatment saves you money in the long run by reducing the need for multiple treatments. Contact us today for a free estimate on the cost of heat treatment for bed bugs in your home and or business/commercial setting.

Guarantee Terms

Our heat treatment provides 100% extermination backed up with a full 3 months guarantee when the whole property has been treated.


Steam and Spray

  • Guarantee Terms depend on the level of infestation
  • £200 – 1 bedroom
  • £240 – 2 bedrooms
  • £280 – 3 bedrooms
  • 4+ bedrooms – quote upon inspection

Heat Treatment

  • 3 months full guarantee (entire property treatments only)
  • £500 – 1 bedroom
  • £950 – 2 bedrooms
  • £1200 – 3 bedrooms
  • 4+ bedrooms – quote upon inspection

Why То Book Our Professional Bed Bug Control Service

Our team is entirely made up of certified, trained, and experienced pest control professionals. We will lead you through the process of bed bug extermination in an altogether safe, friendly, and adept manner.

We deliver our bed bug control services at fixed and transparent rates, thoroughly described on our website. Tailor-made offers and discounts are available upon a prior discussion regarding different site-related specifics.

Both our customer service crew and our on-site teams are highly flexible and adaptive. We support an express and emergency booking option to help you solve your problem as soon as you discover it.

We won’t simply do the job and leave. To support your long-term comfort, our experts will contribute with handy guidance on maintaining the procedure’s results and spotting the first signs of infestation.