Do bed bugs stay together, or do they live individually?

You never know what these pesky little ones are up to. They may be living in groups, or they may live individually and only meet when they share the interest of biting humans when they’re asleep.

Here’s everything you need to know about the matter!

Bed bugs don’t have a regular pattern of behaviour. Some may stay together, and others may seclude themselves from the group. They generally prefer congregating, but some bugs stray from their groups when they’re no longer needed.

For example, the females will ditch the group when they no longer find mates. After mating several times, they’ll decide that’s enough with the group and bid them goodbye.

Other bugs will leave their groups when food is scarce. They go searching for food wherever they can—more often than not, that’s your apartment!

Do Bed Bugs Stay Together in Your Apartment?

You’re waking up with tiny bite marks on your skin, and you caught a couple of bed bugs on your wall. Does that mean there’s a whole group hiding in your apartment? Well, I hate to break it to you, but the answer is probably yes. Let me tell you a bit about bed bugs’ reproduction. These tiny fellas can lay up to 12 eggs a day.

So if you have a group of females and males hiding somewhere in your apartment, there’s a fat chance they’re multiplying soon. This isn’t the last bad news I have, either. Do you know what these youngsters will feed on? Yup, probably your skin while you’re asleep.

But putting that aside, bed bugs do stay in groups in your apartment. They keep reproducing and finding somewhere to hide, and as long as they’re finding food, they’re not leaving anytime soon. Bed bugs usually go out at night to feed and get back to their hiding spots afterwards.

They’ll likely be hiding close to your bed since that’s where they have a feeding feast at night. They can be hiding virtually anywhere, and they get out to eat once every five or ten days. It shouldn’t be hard to locate the group if you know where to look for them.

Where Do Bed Bugs Usually Hide And Stay?

Bed bugs can stay anywhere they can hide and remain invisible. I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for, but it’s true. You’ll need to carry out an intensive searching process to find the whole group.

Start looking inside the folds and seams of the bed’s mattresses. Then, look inside the headboard and around the bed frame. If you can’t see the bugs, look for shed skins and tiny black spots. These can be your cue that the bed bugs are near.

After you’re done with the bed, you may look for them under floorboards, carpets, behind hung frames, between books, or inside narrow crevices.


Bed bugs do stay in groups, whether they’re staying inside houses or anywhere. Some individual bugs stray off, but the others mostly stick together. It’s worth noting that some infestations may spread out, though, leaving tiny groups in separate places. That may make it harder for you to find them, so it’s always an excellent idea to call professional bed bug exterminators.